Making sense of the Lord Jesus Christ

Making sense of the Lord Jesus Christ

We all say, or most of us I hope say, “A Happy New Year” to others.

However, for many people, 2015 will not be a Happy Year. For some, each new year brings the same unhappiness as the old year. It could well be that their life here on earth will never be happy.

My role as a Witness for Jesus is made extremely difficult because of this. People react with serious questions:

  •  Where is your God?
  •  Why did he allow this to happen?
  •  Why did he not answer my or our prayers?
  •  How can he be a loving God when he allows all this suffering?

In my opinion, these are all very valid questions and I do not shy away from them. In fact, during my 70 years I have often had a go at God. Just as my children have often had a go at me.

I can quote the Holy Bible.

Proverbs 3:

5 Trust in the Lord with all your heart
and lean not on your own understanding;
6 in all your ways submit to him,
and he will make your paths straight.[a]

a. Proverbs 3:6 Or will direct your paths

But that is not enough. So here is a part of my Testimony that can be found here.

Our Suffering can be Beneficial!

I am constantly learning to increase my trust in the Lord Jesus! Though at times I seem so slow. Throughout this testimony, I want to share with you just a few of my remarkable personal experiences that have resulted from my union with Him, my faithful master and friend, all these years. See Jn 21:24-25. A living Saviour, whom along with His Father and the Holy Spirit came into my life and made their home with me and my family. A true miracle!

Saving faith is heart trust in Christ; that works by love, it purifies the heart, and overcomes the world; no faith is saving that has not these attributes. My faith is confidence in Jesus as a fact and a person based on my years of experiences and knowledge of His reliableness and consistency; a phenomenon of my will in obeying spiritual enlightenment, given upon repentance of my sins and trusting Christ. My faith does not consist in embracing what I do not understand. For “saving” faith is the life of God in the soul of man resulting from a subjective experience founded upon objective truth. The Holy Bible does not teach “blind” faith.

To believe in a Personal Saviour you do not know, is impossible! Believing in the Holy Bible is not enough. Attending Church and following its rules and traditions, is not enough. You have to be living in an ongoing personal spiritual relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. There is no other way to be saved!

You will read how, with them, we went through some truly desperate times of testing and survived, even overcoming our own dismal failures. Whenever I stumbled, which was too often for my liking, God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit were kind enough to show me great patience and mercy. They were firm, kind, and compassionate in their treatment of me an offender under their power and grace. Not giving me fully what I deserved for my failings but only that chastisement and rebuke that would keep me on the narrow road that leads to life eternal with them and those also saved in Christ. Because of this, it is profitable for us not to be frightened or put off by afflictions but to fully understand that God often makes them beneficial.


  •   Promote the glory of God.
  •   Exhibit Gods power and faithfulness towards us.
  •   Teach us the will of God.
  •   Turn us to God.
  •   Keep us from again departing from God.
  •   Lead us to seek God in prayer.
  •   Convince us of sin.
  •   Lead us to confession of sin.
  •   Test and exhibit our sincerity.
  •   Try our faith and obedience.
  •   Humble us.
  •   Purify us.
  •   Exercise our patience.
  •   Render us fruitful in good works.
  •   Further the gospel, as we are able to be fruitful witnesses of our living Lords involvement in our past and present circumstances.

God Knows

God always knows what He is doing; it is us who struggle to understand. Therefore, we can place our trust in Jesus! I trust Jesus, my Lord and Saviour, though I still wobble. For without His sacrifice for me on the Cross at Calvary, His resurrection back from the dead, His ability to unite with His disciples, and His years of miraculous patience with me, I would be looking forward to an eternity in Hell. He has proven Himself to me over-and-over again!

And he will do the same for you. All you have to do is trust Him at all times. Let his following words be the description of your relationship with the Lord God.


John 14:23 Jesus replied, ‘Anyone who loves me will obey my teaching. My Father will love them, and we will come to them and make our home with them. 24 Anyone who does not love me will not obey my teaching. These words you hear are not my own; they belong to the Father who sent me.’

Unless you obey the Lords’ teachings, you will never find the answers to your questions.

I have been a disciple of my Lord Jesus since the 1970's. Through my website I teach about Union with Christ as described in John 14:23.

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