Why do we see wicked Christians?

Many Lost Souls, some who call themselves Christians, have failed to fully understand why the Lord Jesus died for them.

They are attracted to Jesus and even Christianity, but for the wrong reasons. They seek to benefit from God’s love, but fail to admit to their need for salvation. Their understanding of God is powered by their mind, not their heart and the Holy Spirit’s encouragement. Rather than base their lives on obeying the Lords’ teachings, as he commands them to do, they prefer to base their lives on obeying a form of Christian religion. They switch from one Christian Denomination to another because they prefer that denominations teaching.

Many are influenced by other Lost Souls who are disobedient to the Lord Jesus. In my life, I also had other Lost Souls seeking to influence me.

However, I could see that they were not at all like the Lord Jesus I was reading about in the Holy Bible. Also, the Holy Spirit of God was not confirming to me their salvation and thus union with Jesus as he described in John 14:23. They were not sharing with me the spiritual events that I was sharing with them. Whenever I gave my Testimony, they distanced themselves from me. When I preached from the Pulpit, their hearts were unmoved.

When I did meet a true Disciple of my Lord, which was a very rare event, the difference I saw in them was amazing. I could clearly see that there were two types of Christians.

But what I saw and still see is of no importance. It is what the Lord Jesus sees. If he is looking at you Christian as you live out your life, what does he see?

Does he see a person with the right Character (a saved person) or wrong Character (a lost person).

It is a challenge that we all face daily, for it is so easy to slip back. And I, to my shame, can so easily do that!

You can recognise those who are “Right” with God and those who are “Wrong” with God. None of us are perfect, but take a look at these two links and ask yourself this question, “Which one best describes me?”

I have been a disciple of my Lord Jesus since the 1970's. Through my website I teach about Union with Christ as described in John 14:23.

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