Does the Lord Jesus treat Christians differently to how he treated the Jews?

We are discussing Matthew chapter 23

In chapter 22, we had our Saviour’s discourses with the scribes and Pharisees; here we have his discourse concerning them, or rather against them.

As in other parts of the Holy Bible we have the Lord Jesus exposing the wickedness of those claiming to be God’s Ministers. Why then should we not expect him to be doing the same with the Christian Church today?

As with the Jews back then, the Christians are a mixed bag. All one-in-Christ does not describe Christianity at all.

In these verses we see the Lord allow the Jewish leaders their office (v. 2, v. 3).

However, he warns his disciples not to imitate their hypocrisy and pride (v. 4-12).

He then, as he does through his chosen Disciples today, exhibits a charge against them for divers high crimes and misdemeanours, corrupting the law, opposing the gospel, and treacherous dealing both with God and man; and to each article he prefixes a woe (v. 13-33).

He then passes sentence upon Jerusalem, and foretells the ruin of the city and temple, especially for the sin of persecution (v. 34-39).

Please note, it is the Lord Jesus Christ himself doing this. Yet, many defied him despite the dire consequences of doing so. It is the same with many Christians today!

This begs the question. Are Christians truly disciples of the Lord, or are they just religious people doing their own thing?

You would think that if they are truly Disciples (Students) of the Lord Jesus Christ, they would have got themselves sorted out by now. They would have learnt the Lord’s teachings and would be putting them into practice. They have had 2000 years to do so.

My webpage on Christ’s Commands

Do we see Christians consistently disobeying these commands in diffidence of the Lord Jesus Christ?

Do they not know that they will be punished for this by God?

I have been a disciple of my Lord Jesus since the 1970's. Through my website I teach about Union with Christ as described in John 14:23.

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