True Disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ get persecuted.

Are you being persecuted?

How do you react to your persecutors?

Or are you doing the persecuting?

How do you behave towards someone who is witnessing for their Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ?

Do you know me, Mike Hill, and if so, how do you treat me?

When you visit my website and read my testimony, videos, and other material. How do you feel about me?

My Thoughts

My Podcast

I have been a disciple of my Lord Jesus since the 1970's. Through my website I teach about Union with Christ as described in John 14:23.

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4 comments on “True Disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ get persecuted.
  1. Tony McGurk says:

    Hi Mike. I left the Jehovah’s Witnesses 5 weeks ago because after reading my Bible for several weeks without any Watchtower magazine influence telling me how to understand it I realised it is all about Jesus not about following the doctrines & rules of the 7 men (Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses) in Brooklyn. Got a bunch of nasty comments on Facebook from a number of JW friends but even though I was tempted to retaliate I simply replied with silence. They showed their true colours & I showed them that I could be outside the Watchtower organisation & still apply Bible principles & continue to be a Christian. Ran into one of the Elders at the supermarket on Monday & when I said Hello he totally ignored me, my 1st official shunning. I had sent my resignation letter in 3 weeks ago. Now I am free of that man made totalitarian religion & have received Jesus into my life I no longer care what they think or say about me. My wife is still 100% in it but she has accepted my decision & so far it has had no negative effect on my marriage. Hopefully one day she will see the truth behind the WT religion too.

    • Hiya Tony!

      There are two groups of people:
      Those who have the Lord Jesus and his Father making their home with them through the power of God the Holy Spirit – John 14:23
      Those who do not have the Lord Jesus and his Father making their home with them through the power of God the Holy Spirit – John 14:24

      All you can do is make sure you are in the John 14:23 group. Then you can have the Holy Spirit to guide you in what to do about your situation. I will truly pray for your dear wife and know that whatever she decides, it will have to be her decision.
      This video of mine should help you.

      Gold bless you in Jesus Powerful Name

      • Tony McGurk says:

        Thanks Mike, while I know she’s not particularly happy about my decision to leave the JW’s she said she accepts that it’s my choice. I have tried to talk to her about the errors of the Watchtower organisation but it usually ended up with her getting angry that I was attacking her beliefs. I have since decided to just let her be & keep praying that Jesus will open her eyes. I know from my own situation & those of others that I’ve read on ex-JW websites that it seems that nothing anyone says is usually just met with indifference & that a person needs to get to the point in their heart where they begin to question the many wrong practices & doctrines for themselves. The WT teaches not to look anywhere except in WT literature as any outside sources are from wicked apostates seeking to destroy their faith. Once you begin to question then you realise that you can only find the truth behind the JW’s from outside sources. Once you do that your faith in their doctrine & teachings collapses very quickly. I continue to pray that she will come to that point. Have a great weekend Mike Warm Christian love to you, Tony

      • Tony McGurk says:

        Thanks for the video link Mike. I just watched it & I can understand what you mean about Christian religions making it seem like fiction. When I left the JW’s I decided that I was not going to let anyone tell me what I should believe. I have been relying on Jesus to help me understand as I read the Bible & if I can’t see certain teachings clearly in the scriptures for myself then I won’t accept them.. I’ve only been to another church twice so far. Instead of preaching doctrine they focused more on living by & applying the love of Jesus in our lives. That made what I’ve been learning from the Gospel in my Bible seem a lot more relevant whereas preaching church doctrine like the JW’s do seems to focus more on them telling me what I should believe.

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