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Show me the most evillest being on Earth or the Heavens and I will preach the Gospel of Jesus to them.

When I witness for the Lord Jesus Christ, it is to all people. The Lord commands me to love my Neighbour.

No matter how bad you are or even who you are, He, the Lord Jesus Christ, can save You. In the Lord Jesus all the saved are equal

Christians never ask me am I saved or unsaved. They always ask me “What Church do you belong to?” I am a Child of God! John 14:23

What I love about my Lord Jesus is that He does not discriminate on any other ground but Salvation. His Gospel is for anyone.

The Witness for the Lord Jesus, John 14:23, reaches out to the Lost AND the Devils followers tell them to hate him. Hate Jesus.

Christianity is about to be tested by the Lord Jesus in ways they have not known. He is asking them, “Why do you disobey me?”

Being a witness for the Lord Jesus Christ is hard work and at times seems foolish. BUT the truth is seen.

Enemies of the Lord Jesus are many and the lovers of Him are few. But you know what – The Few shine brightest and do more good.

Why, in 30 years, have Christian Leaders not wanted me to teach in their Churches. What is it about me that they hate? Jesus?

Belief in the Holy Bible is limited by much. Experience of being yoked to the Lord Jesus is unlimited.

Christian Preacher, before you do anything, make sure you are saved.

I have lived in unity with the Lord Jesus since 1977. No matter what the devil does in my Country, I will continue to remain so.

When the going gets tough, it’s going to. The Christians will quote the Bible and Jesus’ Disciples will be Holy Spirit powered.

Who said, “We believe in God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Bible…….” and probably don’t know 2 and don’t believe 1.

Christians, without a proven public testimony of John 14:23 in your life, you are just religious people as in John 14:24.

Have you noticed how in the Holy Bible, the Lord Jesus used very few people at any time to go out for him with his Gospel.

Sorry, but on its current level of obedience to the teachings of the Lord Jesus, Christianity isn’t trustworthy. John 14:23-24

Bishop states that Christianity can save Europe…. Hmmm, me thinks on current spiritual performance, Christianity needs saving!

If the Lord Jesus and his Father have made their home with you. What are they saying? John 14. The Holy Spirit communicates.

Liars not only speak lies, they think lies. They even lie to themselves. Some quote the Bible rather than speak the truth.

My video, “The Toughest Mission Field is Where the Unsaved Call Jesus, Lord.”

Here is some useful material to help you.

Webpage My Testimony

Webpage The Lords Commands

Webpage The Lords Promises

Webpage The Lords Judgement

Webpage Christian?

My Twitter Account

Audio for those who don’t use Podcasts My Thoughts

Audio My Latest Podcast

The Audio Bible. This is the NIV UK but there are many other Bible versions available.

I have been a disciple of my Lord Jesus since the 1970's. Through my website I teach about Union with Christ as described in John 14:23.

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