The 3 Groups of Professing Christians. Part 3.

I. There is a class of professed Christians who are the true friends of God and man.

If you attend to those things which develop the true design and aim, of their religion, you will see it to be such. They are truly and sincerely benevolent (Kind and Good-willing).

Continued from Part 2.

2. They manifest a deep abhorrence of the sins of other people.

They do not cover up the sins of others, or plead for them and excuse them, or smooth them over by “perhaps” this, or “perhaps” that. You never hear them apologizing for sin. As they are indignant at sin in themselves, they are just as much so when they see it in others. They know its horrible nature, and abhor it always.

3. Another thing in which this spirit manifests itself, is zeal for the honour and glory of God.

They show the same ardour to promote God’s honour and interest, that the true patriot does to promote the honour and interest of his country. If he greatly loves his country, its government and its interest, he sets his heart upon promoting its advancement and benefit. He is never so happy as when he is doing something for the honour and advancement of his country. So a child that truly loves his father, is never so happy as when he is advancing his father’s honour and interest. And he never feels more indignant grief, than when he sees his father abused or injured. If he sees his father disobeyed or abused by those who ought to obey and love and honour him, his heart breaks forth with indignant grief.

There are multitudes of professing Christians, and even ministers, who are very zealous to defend their own character and their own honour. But this one class feel more engaged, and their hearts beat higher when defending or advancing God’s honour. These are the true friends of God and man.

To be a true friend of God and man demands more than the professing Christian just believing in God. To have a Lord and Saviour in Jesus Christ and thus to have a Father God you can befriend takes far more than “Belief”.

Belief on it’s own is not good enough. A soldier of Christ must have more, they must have a heart trust that is based on experience of Him who has overcome the world.

The professing Christian must be 100% convinced of the reality that the Devil is true and is totally evil. So evil that he will see you burn in hell and not be concerned. Why, because there are others to be led into it and he is busy with them.

The Gospel of Jesus proves that the Devil has lost the battle and is defeated. Yet, until the return of the Lord Jesus in person he will be able, according to God’s will, to keep the Lost Souls lost and to lure the Saved Souls to betray their Lord and Saviour.

The TRUE friends of God and man know this and openly act to inform and educate Others that they may become likewise. They live as Witnesses for the Lord Jesus who with his Father has come and made his home with his TRUE CHRISTIANS as he describes in John 14:23.

The professing Christians who are as described by God in John 14:24 are not friends of God and man. In fact, they are enemies of God and man.

Are you one of them?

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