The Dangers of Becoming a Christian. Part 4.

There are Professing Christians in Christianity who do not love and obey the Lord Jesus. They break the Moral Law that He commands them to obey and thus they will be a danger to you.

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31st March 2016 (20.44)

An Outline of Moral Law

Moral Law:
Moral law is an universal unchanging rule proceeding from divine intelligence to which moral beings ought to conform that will protect the basic rights of all and bring happiness to all; a rule for action with certain resultant consequences for obedience or disobedience. A moral law without sanctions is not law, but advice; the law is a fence to show not only ownership, but also protection. These sanctions give binding force to a moral law. As the penalty for breaking it or the reward for conforming to it. The provision of law that persuades or induces obedience.

Moral law is a rule of moral action with sanctions. It is that rule to which moral agents ought to conform all their voluntary actions, and is enforced by sanctions equal to the value of the precept. It is the rule for the government of free and intelligent action, as opposed to necessary and unintelligent action. It is the law of liberty, as opposed to the law of necessity – of motive and free choice, as opposed to force of every kind.

The problems come when Governments and the Christian Church have leaders who do not hold to this sensible teaching on Moral Law. Thus the people they lead are now open to harm from those who are immoral. In fact, Christian Leaders are often seen to be blaming Victims for criticising immoral Church Members who harm them. Therefore, they allow immorality to flourish as if God will do nothing about it. For example, they say, “God’s love is unconditional!” I say, “Bunkum!”

My feelings are for the immoral Church Members who are taught to carry on, as God loves them as they are. Judgement Day will determine the truth in this matter. True, we are merciful against our enemies, but that should not stop us from warning them of the consequences of their actions when God’s patience ends.



Moral Law

The Judgement

The Gospel


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I have been a disciple of my Lord Jesus since the 1970's. Through my website I teach about Union with Christ as described in John 14:23.

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