An Omniscient God and the Professing Christian

mikehill4jesus “An Omniscient God and the Professing Christian”

12th December 2016 (17:10) My .mp3 Thought for Today Audio

An Omniscient God and the professing Christian who is as the Lord Jesus describes in John 14:24

God’s power is infinite, or limitless. Omniscient means all-knowing. God is all-knowing in the sense that he is aware of the past, present, and future. Nothing takes him by surprise. His knowledge is total.

Humans are NOT Omniscient!

Thus they live day to day!

What now is the Scripture doctrine? (Sourced from Charles Finney)

Briefly this: God has chosen to salvation a part of mankind, and has also made up his mind to cast off a part. The whole doctrine is embraced in this: God’s mind is made up as to what He will do in the matter of saving or not saving the individuals of our race. His mind, I say, is made up; of course it is if it ever will be, for He has no new mind, and cannot ever have any new views, new knowledge, or new plans. All things are present to God from the beginning. To deny that God has made up his mind as to what He will do in this matter is to deny the essential attributes of God, for both the beginning and the end are both alike known to Him. With perfect and infinite knowledge ever present to his mind from all past eternity, it is impossible that his mind should not be made up, as to what He will do in the matter of human salvation.

This raises the issue concerning these Bible Verses:

The teachings of:

The Prophet Jeremiah 6:
They are called rejected silver,
because the Lord has rejected them.’

The Lord Jesus Christ in Matthew 22:14 ‘For many are invited, but few are chosen.’

An Apostle appointed by the Lord in 1 Peter 1:2 who have been chosen according to the foreknowledge of God the Father, through the sanctifying work of the Spirit, to be obedient to Jesus Christ and sprinkled with his blood:
Grace and peace be yours in abundance.

These texts are concerned with the subject ELECTION AND REPROBATION.

First of all, let me admonish you not to be frightened at the terms, Election and Reprobation. They are Bible terms, and therefore need not alarm any but those who contend against the truth. They are Bible terms, yet have been greatly abused, so that my first business must be to define them, and then in my subsequent remarks, to illustrate them, in order to remove the stumbling-blocks occasioned by their abuse.

“Elected” means chosen. It means precisely this–neither more nor less. A “reprobate” thing is a thing rejected or cast away. To reprobate is to reject, to disapprove, and hence to set aside. It is the counterpart of elect. Such is the meaning of the terms.

But God has good reasons for all He does. He never makes up his mind without having good reasons, and never otherwise than in accordance with those reasons.

The elect, therefore, are those whom God has, for the best of reasons, determined to save; the reprobate, in like manner, are those whom, for infinitely good reasons, He has made up his mind to cast off for perdition.

John 14:23 Jesus replied, ‘Anyone who loves me will obey my teaching. My Father will love them, and we will come to them and make our home with them. 24 Anyone who does not love me will not obey my teaching. These words you hear are not my own; they belong to the Father who sent me.’

It is painful to see those from John 14:24!

I have witnessed for the Lord Jesus Christ since 1977. Though I have been used as a witness to the power of the Holy Spirit since 1948. When He first appeared to me. (It’s in my Testimony)

All the people I have lived amongst and/or communicated with during my lifetime, including myself, have had their past, present and future known by God who is all-knowing.

In this large number are two groups of people known only to God – Father, Son (Jesus) and Holy Spirit:

Those who are invited to be saved from the Devil and thus from Hell AND ARE NOT CHOSEN.

Those from amongst the invited WHO ARE CHOSEN TO BE SAVED.

I do not know who, but there are signs in my life and in others and I will talk about them on the Tuesday 13th December 2016.

I have produced the following videos:

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I have been a disciple of my Lord Jesus since the 1970's. Through my website I teach about Union with Christ as described in John 14:23.

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